Control technology: Construction

Control technology:Construction

Also within the range of the plant controls we set on the manufacturing from the own house. This refers both to the building of switchgear cabinets and other control technical components with complete plants and to the re-equipment and extension of existing plants to new control systems.

  • Leader of the the plant in free and cycle based systems
  • article specific control of aggregats
    • Rectifier
    • Transporters
    • Barrel-rotation
    • Pumps etc.


  • No soft plc
  • Hardware plc
  • Vipa
  • Siemens
  • Benifits:
  • If the master computer crashes the plc runs
  • Safe machine standard
  • PLC processes commands
    • Rectifier
    • Heating
    • Level
    • Pumps
  • PLC processes commands for
    • Transporter
    • Crosstransporter
  • protokollesteuerung

    • Each flightbar is traceable
    • All occured troubles can be watched again