DC supply systems

DC supply systems

Standard-Version Classic

Rectifier in oil self cooling.

Variable transformer capacity 600 – 12.000 ampers.

essential caracteristics:

  • ripple < 5% in full range
  • self cooling without additional cooling equipment
  • no external cooling-system (filter,piping for cooling etc)
  • little maintenance
  • long lasting operation (lowest failure compared with other technical version)
  • no electronic interference in the surroundings


The alternative

Rectifier with tyristor primar-regulator in oil self cooling
capacity 600-12.000 A
conditions: no requirement for ripple

essential caracteristics:

  • almost free of maintenance
  • lower price
Repairing of renovation of rectifier for all types and non Driesch fabricats
Pole reversal switch

Mechanical and motor drive 600-15.000 A


Copper-rail and cable installation of tanks and in plants